Our projects

Through the regeneration of real estate assets and impact investing activities we foster innovative projects to create social value, involving communities, companies and public and local entities.

background albergo etico


Albergo Etico Cesenatico

A regenerated hotel with just one key word: inclusivity. A project in which disability is a value. Together with Albergo Etico, youngsters have the opportunity to train and become autonomous by taking care of the building, the guests and the new meeting spaces open to the whole of the city: local schools, artists and local associations.

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A regenerated multifunctional space within the Talenti Village Shopping Centre, in the Talenti-Bufalotta neighbourhood of Rome, which promotes integration and socialisation of new generations.

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Barrio 21

Two regenerated apartments in Catania will temporarily accommodate individuals who have completed an institutional care program and require support to initiate an independent life project, promoting youth autonomy.

Our commitment

We listen to organisations, associations and people in the area to understand their needs and provide spaces for inclusion, cohesion and shared wellbeing. We promote the economic and social regeneration of real estate assets by looking at assets and expertise to build shared value. We foster impact investing by bringing it back to its true place: the local area and its communities.

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