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A project that sees in inclusion the possibility of bringing value to the local area


The project

We are situated in the heart of the Romagna Riviera, in Cesanatico where a line of unfurled sails along the Porto Canale divides the city in two. To the west (the so called “Cesenatico Ponente”), not far from the city centre and five minutes from the sea, there is a very special building. A building where fondazione illimity recognised unexpressed potential. A structure which had long been left abandoned in the area and today has returned to life, thanks to the regeneration work carried out by the experts of illimity and neprix and their partners Kerakoll and in.tech, who believed in the project. Albergo Etico Cesenatico was created with Albergo Etico, an inclusive place where disability is a value. Youngsters have the opportunity to train and become autonomous by managing catering, cooking, reception and room management.. A space open to the city, which has seen various local players involved in the co-planning: institutions, schools and associations, which find here a multifunctional room to be used for activities of inclusion, cohesion and shared well-being.

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The identity

Resilience, inclusion and growth. That is the identity designed for Albergo Etico Cesenatico and selected together with the 750 illimiters coming from 300 companies, 20 sectors and 25 different countries. The aim of Albergo Etico Cesenatico is to train and employ also people with disabilities. The logo represents a branch of a persimmon tree, which is the most resistant fruit in nature and because the hotel in Cesenatico is only one of the many branches of the Albergo Etico Association. The Social Enterprise was, in fact, founded in Asti in 2006 and has opened many hotels in Italy and abroad.

Albergo Etico Cesenatico is a story that involves the whole area, thanks to collaboration with institutions, associations, artists and schools.

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Street art and social impact

Virginia Verona is the artist who created the mural on the outside wall of Albergo Etico Cesenatico. She is one of the most active local artists today, with her works distinguished by a trait and style characterised by the use of natural elements, such as plants and animals, to remind us of the importance of sustainability and our impact on the world. With the aim of leaving an indelible trace and raising people’s awareness in order to build a better future.

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Co-creation with schools

We arranged a focus group meeting together with the students of the Leonardo da Vinci Institute in Cesenatico with the aim of increasing their awareness about social inclusion and picking up ideas for the hotel’s mural. The students told in a circle what inclusion and being part of a group meant to them. Then, divided into teams, they had fun by identifying an animal or a plant that they believed best represented their companion. A number of imaginative ideas emerged, such as the “Martiniris”, a cross between a kingfisher and an iris, the “Gatto Cuccia”, a cat kennel, and a sunflower on a skateboard. On the basis of the students’ ideas, Virginia Verona prepared three sketches that were then voted on by the students. The work that turned out to be the most popular is the one we can now admire on the hotel’s outside wall.

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Photo Exhibition

Interaction with the students of the Leonardo da Vinci Institute didn’t end with the casting of votes for the works of art. They were also involved, together with their professors, in a temporary exhibition on social inclusion in the hotel’s reception area. The works represented the subject from various different viewpoints: ranging from the uniqueness of encouraging looks through to groups of inclusive people and the cross-fertilisation of various items which can only create something unique when blended together.

Quotes EN

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Generating value means being useful: fondazione illimity recognises the potential of real estate assets to be transformed into new spaces for inclusion.

Corrado Passera

Corrado Passera

Founder & CEO illimity

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Hotels have always been part of Cesenatico. In this project we find inclusion, solidarity and insertion in a social and labour context.

Jacopo Agostini

Jacopo Agostini

Councilor of Cesenatico

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Albergo Etico Cesenatico, in addition to training and job placement of staff with disabilities, will promote the right to travel of the most fragile, integration and inclusion.

Alex Toselli

Alex Toselli

President of Albergo Etico

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Albergo Etico Cesenatico is a project that will walk on its own two feet, creating the conditions for full financial sustainability.

Elena Perriello

Elena Perriello

Member of the BoD of fondazione illimity

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The project leads the school to reflect on good social enterprise practices and to bring in flair and creativity, well represented in the exhibition.

Massimo Dellavalle

Massimo Dellavalle

Headmaster ISIS Da Vinci Cesenatico

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