A space where creativity promotes the integration and socialisation of new generations


The project

We are located in the famous “urbs aeterna” (eternal city) , Rome, between the Bufalotta and Talenti neighbourhood, a growing and rapidly changing area, whose name is linked to the ancient estate 'Ciampiglia dei Del Bufalo' whose coat of arms represented, precisely, the head of a buffalo. This is where the Talenti Village Shopping Centre stands, a landmark for the area, inside which it is possible to find a multifunctional space dedicated to labs for children and teenagers. The objective of (RE)GENERATION CAMP is to promote the integration and socialisation of the new generations, involving the local communities and regenerating, thanks to fondazione illimity, a space inside the Shopping Centre, already active in social impact initiatives. The Centre, in fact, has been the protagonist of other solidarity activities: one example is the collection point for basic necessities for the emergency in Ukraine. An initiative that the community has welcomed with great interest and generosity, demonstrating and confirming its attention to the most needy.

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The identity

Happiness, freedom and creativity. This is the identity designed for (RE)GENERATION CAMP which aims to enhance multiculturalism through the diversity of colours, figures and arrangements in space. Within the identity we also find a mascot, the 'O', a circle that unites all those who attend the creativity workshops in this friendly, free and creative space.

A project dedicated to the new generations involving the Bufalotta-Talenti district thanks to synergies with organisations, institutions, associations and schools.

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The ComicsLab aims to learn how to recognise the elements that make up a comic strip, draw the human figure, give the body and face expressiveness and put objects into perspective. Through the study of comic strip types and genres, the boys and girls learn to find their own personal style, write a script and create their own comic strip.

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The RecycLab aims to give objects and materials a new life. Through the collection of fabrics, buttons and more, small pieces of furniture will be restored and bags, puppets, clothes, accessories and more will be made. Boys and girls will have the opportunity to learn different techniques: from the design phase with drawing, to assembling, to decorating the various materials.

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The HomeWork help activity is created to support the younger generation in finding a learning moment with customised learning paths. Boys and girls can study at their own pace and in their own way, acquiring the tools to develop their own study method.

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