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28 September 2021

The commitment of fondazione illimity. The interview of Isabella Falautano on granter

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06 September 2021

It’s time for responsible capitalism. Read more on Vita.it

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16 June 2021

fondazione illimity is born. Editorial of Corrado Passera on Avvenire

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15 June 2021

The challenges of “Next Generation Sustainability”. The editorial on Formiche

Presskit fondazione illimity

fondazione illimity, instituted by illimity Bank S.p.A. in the first half of 2021, was created specifically to enhance the potential of real estate assets, regenerating them for use in social utility projects. The foundation is active across Italy through a network of partnerships. It plays the role of the hub that catalyses and enables a synergistic ecosystem of social enterprises, non-profit organisations, public and private entities looking to support projects for the creation of new spaces for inclusion, cohesion and shared well-being. fondazione illimity is a separate and independent entity to the banking group and, in its activities, it works with professionals that have extensive experience in social planning and impact investing initiatives as well as research centres, institutes and universities, both in Italy and abroad.

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